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Real Estate Development

The heart and soul of a community is more than the bricks and mortar.  Kairos Development, LLC, provides quality housing in underserved communities; not only transforming the physical components of neighborhoods, but the lives of the families that live and work in the communities in which we build.

Real Estate Consulting

Kairos Development, LLC, offers solid organizational and real estate development capacity building services for community based or faith-based non-profits.


  • Site Selection
  • Project Feasibility/Due Diligence
  • Application Preparation & Assembly
  • Grant Writing
  • Entitlement Process
  • Project Management and Close Out
  • MBE/WBE and Section 3 Utilization Plans
  • Master Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Capacity Building


Purple Line Corridor Coalition (PLLC)

Kairos Development was hired to serve as the Purple Line Corridor Coalition’s Housing Development Consultant in 2019. In this role, Kairos Development has been instrumental in accelerating the production and preservation of affordable housing along the 16- mile Purple Line that surrounds the northern edge of our nation’s capital connecting Prince George’s County and Montgomery County. Kairos Development provides technical support with project implementation to local municipalities, community and faith-based nonprofits, property owners and mission minded developers. The Purple Corridor Coalition (PLCC) is an innovative public-private community collaboration working together to leverage Maryland’s largest transit investment in the 21st century to create a place of opportunity for all who live, work and invest in the corridor. Kairos Development is assisting PLCC in achieving its mission of “a no net loss of 17,000 homes, affordable to families that earn $70,000 or less along the corridor.

Examples of Mrs. Harris’ outstanding work include:  (i) assisting a municipality in securing grant funding to support new housing developments along the Purple Line; (ii) assisting a tenant association in securing capital to acquire their apartment building as an anti-displacement measure; (iii) pairing a property owner with an experienced mission minded affordable housing developer to facilitate the substantial renovation and new construction of a NOAH property; and (iv) advocating for additional funding to support the preservation and promotion of affordable housing at the local, county and state level.  In addition, Mrs. Harris helped co-author a ground breaking “2-Year Roadmap” Report that identified needs and offered solutions to protect Purple Line residents “at risk” of displacement living in distressed and aging properties in Prince George’s County. The report includes an analysis of conditions, multiple funding alternatives and action-oriented recommendations for public and private sector collaborations, interventions and resource investments for any distressed and aging property. Lastly, Mrs. Harris has also planned and facilitated several conferences and forums for the PLCC, such as, a Developers’ Roundtable highlighting development opportunities along the corridor; Equitable Housing – a solution-oriented discussion around housing preservation; and Barriers to Homeownership along the Corridor.


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Beloved Community Service Corporation

Kairos Development helped Beloved Community Service Corporation, a community non-profit in the Upton neighborhood of Baltimore City secure and leverage $1,393,593 in Maryland Historic Revitalization Tax Credits and $500,000 in Baltimore Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative funds to complete the historic renovation of the former Henry Highland Garnet School P.S. 103.  The vacant school will be repurposed into a community resource center that will honor the legacies of Justice Thurgood Marshall, Hon. Elijah Cumming (both products of the Upton community) and Walter Sondheim, the former Superintendent of Baltimore City Public Schools who integrated schools after the Brown vs. Board of Education decision.  Additionally, the center will house the University of Maryland Judge Alexander Williams, Jr. Center for Education, Justice and Ethics, a center that has been instrumental and at the forefront of public policy research that advances racial and economic equity in education, criminal justice reform and other social outcomes. Renovations began in July of 2022 and are scheduled to be completed in 2023.


Cherry Hill Development Corporation

Kairos Development assisted the Cherry Hill Development Corporation (CHDC) with implementing its Blight Reduction & Homeownership Initiative (BR&HI). BR&HI is a multi-phase community driven real estate project that seeks to capitalize on recent investments made within and around the Cherry Hill community while simultaneously removing barriers to further investment in the neighborhood. CHDC’s BR&HI seeks to eliminate blight and provide new homeownership opportunities for Cherry Hill residents, something that is severely lacking within this community. The homeownership rate in Cherry Hill is less than 14%, among the lowest in the City of Baltimore. Kairos Development helped CHDC (i) acquire five vacant and abandon properties; (ii) secured over $1.2 million in project financing; (iii) engaged qualified third-party professionals; (iv) develop and implement a L/M/WBE Inclusion Utilization Plan; and (v) built CHDC’s organization and development capacity.  In 2022, CHDC hired its own staff developer to complete the initial phase of its BR&HI project.

2020 Cherry Hill Transformation Plan

Kairos Development was engaged by the Cherry Hill Development Corporation (CHDC) to help lead their master planning process to complete the 2020 Cherry Hill Transformation Pan.  Kairos Development guided CHDC in selecting Urban Design Associates via a competitive procurement process, who was responsible for authoring the Transformation Plan. Additionally, Kairos Development helped to create a multimedia platform for residents to participate in the community engagement process that fostered an atmosphere of inclusion, collaboration, trust, and transparency among Cherry Hill residents, community stakeholders, local government officials and the private sector.  Additionally, Kairos Development crafted the Transformation Plan’s seven (7) defining principles:  i) address neighborhood concerns and dispel fears related to gentrification and displacement; (ii) educate residents on recent and upcoming investments within the community and the surrounding area; (iii) establish a long-term community economic development strategy for planning out redevelopment projects that are inclusive of all income levels and serves as a catalyst for economic opportunity for Cherry Hill residents; (iv) focus on socio-economic problems related to food insecurity, poverty, crime, and neighborhood blight; (v) develop a plan to promote new mixed income housing opportunities, both rental and for-sale within Cherry Hill; (vi) develop strategies to improve public transportation and infrastructure; and (vii) create development and design principles that promote and encourage smart growth, energy efficiency, sustainability, uniformity, and walkability.  More than 350 residents and community stakeholders participated in the process that included 30 focus groups and 5 large public meetings over a six-month period.  The Transformation Plan was unanimously approved by Baltimore City Planning Commission on April 16, 2020.


Douglas Memorial Community Church Village, Inc.

In 2022, Douglas Memorial Community Church Village, Inc., (DMCCV) the non-profit affiliate of the historic Douglas Memorial Community Church engaged Kairos Development to assist them in completing the substantial renovations of Douglas Village Apartments located in the Marble Hill neighborhood of Baltimore City.  In the late 1970s, DMCCV acquired twelve vacant and blighted 2 and 3 story townhomes adjacent to the Church and converted them into 49  rental units.  For four decades, DMCCV maintained Douglas Village Apartments as a naturally occurring affordable housing property.  Douglas Village Apartments is experiencing significant physical and financial woes that were exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.   Kairos Development is assisting DMCCV with:  (i) securing grant dollars to make the necessary improvements to the property; (ii) restructuring an existing predevelopment loan; (iii) transitioning in a new professional third-party property management firm; and (iv) cultivating a new partnership with a well capitalize, mission minded development partner to complete the property renovations.


Patapsco Pointe

Patapsco Pointe is a community inspired mixed-income housing community that originated from a 6- month long community engagement process to complete the 2020 Cherry Hill Transformation Plan.  Patapsco Pointe will provide new quality housing affordable for families that earn between 40%-80% of the area median income, a first within the Cherry Hill community.  Additionally, Patapsco Pointe will be a catalyst for additional economic investment within the community.  The history of Cherry Hill is not unlike other disadvantaged communities in Baltimore City. Patapsco Pointe seeks to reverse the effects of previous discriminatory and segregation housing policies by systemically increasing the neighborhood’s population of higher wage earners and allowing for responsible gentrification without the displacement of current low-income families.

Kairos was awarded $400,000 to cover the pre-development cost associated with the project.  The Emerging Developer Fund was created to support undercapitalized developers working in historically disinvested communities to promote capacity building, equity, and inclusion in affordable housing development.   Patapsco Pointe is being completed in partnership with the Cherry Hill Development Corporation and Landex Development.

Kairos Development is a recipient of the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development’s first Emerging Developer Loan Fund Awards for Patapsco Ponte. Kairos was awarded $400,000 to cover the pre-development cost associated with the project.  The Emerging Developer Fund was created to support undercapitalized developers working in historically disinvested communities to promote capacity building, equity, and inclusion in affordable housing development.   Patapsco Pointe is being completed in partnership with the Cherry Hill Development Corporation and Landex Development.

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Winston Elementary/Middle School Site

The Redevelopment of the Winston Elementary/Middle School will involve demolishing the existing school building to create a new mixed-income, multi-generational campus for Baltimore families and seniors. In 2022, Kairos Development and its partners were selected via a competitive procurement process by the City of Baltimore’s Department of Housing and Community Development to transform this 7.5-acre site into a new housing community.  Winston Elementary/ Middle School was surplus in 2019 because of the building’s obsolete and deteriorating conditions.  Located in the greater Winston-Govans community, the proposed plan (i) seeks to connects the site physically and socially to the surrounding neighborhood; (ii) create opportunities for affordable homeownership and rental housing; and (iii) provide community space for education, training and workforce development, social interaction and recreation for youth. Additionally, the redevelopment of the Winston Elementary/Middle School site will complement the social, physical and economic reinvestment currently underway in Northeast Baltimore.